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Rose bullet
BAALO13 172 Rose bullet
The rose bullet about to be fired in Phase 80.
Type Bio-ammunition
Creator Pissarro Créer de Vivre
Users Pissaro Créer de Vivre
Debut Phase 80

The rose bullet (薔薇弾 Bara Dan?) is a type of bio-ammunition that was developed by Biovouivre Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre. Equally deadly against either inorganic or organic beings, it was Pissaro's personal weapon and was used to kill Olympe.[1]


The rose bullet initially appears physically similar to a seed. It is fired from the "mouth" of an insect-like pistol, which despite its size, is quite powerful. A bullet kills by rapidly blooming into a bed of roses at the site of the wound, while the roses' stems and thorns rapidly spread through the target's insides, destroying their body from within. The capacity of the pistol is not specified, but Pissarro fired three shots in total.