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For the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament team, see Guntroll.
SNS Guntroll
BAALO05 61 SNS Guntroll
The Guntroll in Phase 27.
Type Spaceship
Users Stellar Nursery Society
Debut Phase 27

The SNS Assault Landing Nursery Bus Guntroll (SNS強襲揚陸保育園バスガントロール SNS Kyōshū Yōriku Hoikuen Basu Gantorōru?) is the spaceship used by the Stellar Nursery Society. It was the namesake of the team they formed to compete in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT), the Guntroll.


A small spaceship, the Guntroll has a pair of arms which can be used to recover storage containers. The ship's AI, Guntro (ガントロ Gantoro?), a hemispherical robot with small oval shaped eyes and a mouth, is on the bridge.


The SNS and the Guntroll were successfully lured away from their asteroid base, Szeged, by the Jupiter System Union, which launched Operation Lawnmower in ES 591 about a month before the Tenth ZOTT. Jovian warships were able to launch an attack just as the Guntroll returned, bombarding the base. Laib, who had stayed behind, was able to load the children onto storage containers and launch them at the Guntroll for recovery just before the asteroid exploded. Getz and Koen provided cover and the containers were recovered. At some point the remains of Laib's rail suit were recovered.

Despite escaping, the SNS was unable to obtain asylum from various asteroid nations. Caerula Sanguis decided to enroll in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament to obtain temporary asylum. During the ZOTT the Guntroll was docked at the Onion Frame. Caerula obtained asylum from the Mars Kingdom Parliament, which had just recently captured Olympus Spaceport as a result of Operation Hagel. During Round 1, with all of the Guntroll's fighters defeated, Caerula gave Qu Tsang a memory chip containing a flight path to Mars. She then took the field against Alita in order to buy the SNS time to escape. They were able to flee and Aga Mbadi decided to let them go.[1] On the way to Mars Queen Limeira and König transmitted a welcome message. The Finals was watched by its crew while in flight.[2]