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Samoyed I
BAALO03 162 Samoyed I
The Samoyed I in Phase 18.
Type Spacecraft
Users Mars Kingdom Parliament
Debut Phase 16

The Samoyed I is a spacecraft used by the Mars Kingdom Parliament.


The Samoyed I is white and has three rocket boosters. When taking off or docking, it is oriented upright, but when in flight, it is oriented horizontally.


Three months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, Queen Limeira and her retinue traveled on the Samoyed I from Mars to Ketheres, where they attended a session of LADDER. Alita and her companions stowed away on the Samoyed I when it left for Leviathan I to rendezvous with the New Order troops who would support the recapture of Olympus Spaceport.

BAALO04 174 Ships

The Samoyed I and New Order vessels departing Leviathan I in Phase 24.

Although the ship's sensors had been hacked by Ping Wu, one of the pilots noticed an anomaly on the starboard side of the ship, which Zazie went to investigate. She discovered the stowaways in a surface compartment in the hull, breaking it open and stabbing Ping in the right hand. This provoked a fight with Alita which nearly ended in the death of both when Zazie was about to self-destruct in an attempt to kill Alita, but the fight was halted in time by Limeira's intervention. After Alita earned the queen's good graces by rescuing her when she began to drift away from the ship, the stowaways were allowed to continue on to Leviathan I. The Samoyed I later returned to Mars with several New Order warships after Alita and Zazie defeated Toji, Gavit, and Hogan in the Combat Chamber.



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