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Sarah (サラ Sara?) was a soup kitchen worker who resided in an area of the Scrapyard.


Sarah was a young woman in her late 20's to early 30's with dark hair and of average height. She was seen wearing a white shirt and pants, with a light colored headband.


The most noteworthy trait of Sarah's was her cheerful outlook on life; she was always able to see the bright side in life and was able to see the potential in others.



While their relationship was presumed to be a usual father-daughter one, it was strained for some years and they had not interacted with each other for at least several months before her untimely death.


Sarah met Zapan after he lost his confrontation with Alita and took great strides to rehabilitate him. While it was not known if they were romantically together, they obviously cared deeply for each other. She had a profound impact on Zapan and woke up a side of him that was much more benevolent.


At some point, Sarah encountered a severely injured and amnesiac Zapan and took it upon herself to care for him. This would lead to her relationship with her father Murdock to become strained as a result and she would take Zapan to reside in a section of the Scrapyard. During the several months they were together, Sarah was able to make Zapan into a new man, one that cared for others. She also began running a soup kitchen that served many of the homeless residents.


One day, Sarah was serving soup with Zapan and calmed an encounter between Zapan and a resident trying to cut in line. She went back to serving when she overhead Zapan starting to scream in terror; confused and concerned by this sudden change in behavior, Sarah immediately went over to calm him down. Unfortunately, as Zapan was tearing apart his face, Sarah was accidentally decapitated due to him swinging his arm wildly at her.[1]

Sarah's head was recovered by Zapan and placed in a jar of formaldehyde; he would carry it around as he began plotting his revenge against Alita.[2] It was eventually recovered by Murdock after he confronted Zapan and buried it several days later in the complex surrounding Bar New Kansas.


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