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Saturn Gaudies
BAALO10 23 Saturn Gaudies
The Saturn Gaudies' Round 1 victory over Metal Hearts in a ZOTT recap in Phase 57.
Type Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament team
Debut Phase 57

The Saturn Gaudies (土星ガウディス Dosei Gaudisu?) are a team that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). The only member of the team shown was a four legged robot or cyborg shaped like Saturn that signaled victory or defeat by waving the appropriate flag and crying on either occasion. Placed in Block-A, the Gaudies barely defeated the Metal Hearts in Round 1. They faced the Wild Guns in Round 2 and conceded the match when in the Wild Guns' crosshairs, becoming one of the few ZOTT teams that was knocked out to not get completely wiped out.