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Saya (サヤ Saya?) is a member of the Stellar Nursery Society and its nursery school teacher. Other than Laib, who died prior to the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, she is the only member of the SNS who was not part of the Guntroll. She is also the only fully human member of the SNS other than Caerula Sanguis.


Saya is a fair skinned young woman with chin-length dark hair held in place by a headband with her fringe tapering to form a V that falls between her eyes. She wears a light coloured polo neck sweater over which is a light coloured full length apron with short light coloured boots.


As the SNS' nursery school teacher Saya is typically very warm and welcoming but can be quite determined when necessary. When the Guntroll devastated during their Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Round 1 match against the Space Angels, Saya prepared to enter the field herself despite being completely outclassed, but was stopped by Caerula Sanguis, who reprimanded her by asking who would change the diapers if she died.


Saya has good relationships with Qu Tsang and Niz and is adored by the younger children. She is somewhat more distant with Caerula Sanguis, as the latter subconsciously strikes her as strange due to being a Type-V mutant.


She is a skilled practitioner of Aiki Jujitsu but has not yet learned how to fight in zero gravity, thus she can only fight in a gravity environment. She easily threw the much larger Bub-One when he grabbed her shoulder while carrying two young SNS children, who were not disturbed by the motion. As the only other non-cyborg member of the SNS, Saya is their weakest combatant and was thus not part of the Guntroll.

Saya is also involved with flying the SNS Guntroll, supporting Niz and Qu Tsang.


After the Guntroll arrived at Ketheres to participate in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Saya took several young children to the Metageitnion Restaurant.


  • Saya was created by "Fox." Its design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order.


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