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Schneider School
BAALO06 09 Hertza Nadel
Alita uses the Hertzer Nadel against Qu Tsang in Phase 32
Japanese name シュナイダー派
Romanized name Syunaida Kō
English name Schneider School
Origin Mars
Users Gelda, Alita, Erica, Frau X
Related martial arts Panzer Kunst
Debut Hertza Nadel debuted in Phase 17
Schneider School named in Phase 32

The Schneider School was one of the schools of Panzer Kunst. It was known for developing the Über Geheimnis ("super secret") technique Hertzer Nadel. Alita has used techniques from this school.


Gelda taught the Hertzer Nadel to Yoko and Erica when they were children, shortly after they had mastered the Hertza Haeon. Alita later recalled the technique 200 years later when she fought Zazie in outer space outside the Samoyed I in ES 591. Although she was not sure if she could pull it off, she was able to destroy the right arm of Zazie's spacesuit with it as well as the left arm with a follow up attack.

Later during Operation Hagel, Zazie ran into the mysterious Künstler Frau X, who attacked her with the Verschlag. Her prior experience with the technique enabled her to neutralize the attack by shooting her wrist to release the shock wave, which impressed Frau X. Her final attack against Zazie before disappearing was a Dim Mak-like technique that triggered thousands of soliton waves inside her skull without decaying. These waves would eventually localize in one spot in a month and blow her head off. Attempts to treat this failed, as the Verschlag was transmitted to whatever or whoever touched Zazie's head, blowing off limbs and destroying medical equipment.[1]

When Alita eventually took field during the Space Angels' Round 1 match of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament against the Guntroll, she used the Hertzer Nadel in a lightning attack on Qu Tsang, hitting her in the left arm with the Verschlag, then destroying her right arm and attacking her body with the Hertzer Nadel. On analysis of the replay Hegeor Hopper realized that the attack was a possible a Panzer Kunst move. Caerula Sanguis then revealed to Alita that the combination was a Schneider School technique and rated her as being at least at the Höher Krieger level.[2]

Alita later used the Herter Nadel against Tzykrow when she fought him outside Melchizedek, setting him up for the attack by first using the Einsatzrhythmen against him. Tzykrow however was able to escape by using his Seinerweisen.[3]


  • Hertzer Nadel[4] ("Heart Needle"), also called Hertzer Fahren ("Heart Driver"): A two part combination attack:
    • Verschlag ("Partition" or "Box"): An initial Hertza Haeon-like strike that triggers a shock wave which bounces inside the body like a rubber ball before focusing in the extremities. The target may notice this as a ringing in their ears.[5]
    • Hertzer Nadel – The follow up strike, driving a second Verschlag into the focal point of the shock wave and causing the pent-up energy to explode from within.


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