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Second Zenith of Things Tournament
BAALO11 68 2nd ZOTT
The effects of Zekka and Tunpò's fight in Phase 65.
Date ES 501
Location Ketheres
Outcome Tunpò and Zekka's third round match is so devastating that the rest of the tournament is cancelled

Destruction of one of the Factory tubes and Factory 1212
Finals held between the seeded Jovian and Venusian teams six months later, resulting in a Jovian victory

Affiliations involved Jupiter System Union
République Vénus
Participants Tunpò


Appearance Phase 65

The Second Zenith of Things Tournament (森羅天頂武闘大会2回 Shinra Tenchō Butō Taikai 2-Kai?), which was held in ES 501, is notable for being the first Zenith of Things Tournament at which Tunpò and Zekka battled each other. Facing each other in the third round, they both inflicted such severe injuries on each other that they were forced to drop out. The clash itself was highly devastating, inflicting massive damage to Ketheres and sending a shock wave through the orbital elevator that hit Tiphares and broke off one of the Factory tubes. This in turn resulted in the destruction of Factory 1212.

No official explanation was given for the explosion. The rest of the tournament was cancelled and the seeded Jovian and Venusian teams faced each other in the Finals at a provisional location on Luna. The Jovians won for the second tournament in a row.[1] The third ZOTT was postponed until the Onion Frame, with its increased security, was completed.


The Second ZOTT had a lasting legacy. Zekka and Tunpò both received new bodies and went on to develop their most powerful techniques. Tunpò notably acquired the D-Ripper while Zekka acquired the prototype Fizziroy Body. Aga Mbadi was convinced that his own position of power and the balance of power that the three major superpowers maintained in the Solar System had to be preserved at all costs.