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The Secret Treasure of Mars, also known as the "Immortal Nostrum", is a mysterious treasure referenced in the fairytale "Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars". It is believed to be the only possible cure to the Maske Tumor[1].

The Treasure as Described by "Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars"[]

According to the fable, nine kings of Mars fought to death over the Secret Treasure using Ethnarchs made of the magic of the Jinns of Mars[1].  The only good king of Mars hid the Secret Treasure away, leaving a magic cane and a magic book as the only keys to the treasure[1].


The magic cane and magic book as described in the fairytale are the Goldstock (黄金杖), a golden cane discovered by Baron Muster's father, Krucht Sonann, and the Dornburg family copy of Vom Kriege, previously owned by Princess Kagura[2].  Using the cane and book, Baron Muster and company discovered a special disk in a hidden vault[3].  Whether this disk is the Secret Treasure of Mars is not yet clear.


  • The golden dust encasing the Goldstock might be the cause of the Maske Tumor[4].


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