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Alita's winter jacket by Shizumen
Shizumen's design for Alita's winter jacket.
Origin Saitama
Designed Alita's winter jacket
Debut Phase 19

Shizumen (しずめん Shizumen?) is a reader from Saitama who submitted a design that Yukito Kishiro adapted as the basis for Alita's winter jacket. Alita began wearing this jacket after she arrived on Leviathan I. It is a short sleeved jacket with a fleece-like appearance and trim and has been depicted as a light khaki on the cover of Angel of Protest, with the trim a lighter shade. An illustration by Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts the jacket as being khaki while the trim is white.[1]

The design was the first for an article of clothing that was adapted in Last Order and was the first overall design submitted as attire for Alita.[2]


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