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Sho is the son of Rakan and his unnamed wife.


Sho is a fair skinned, middle aged man with dark, chin-length lanky hair and mustache and beard stubble. He wears a soft brimmed cap, long hooded coat, fingerless gloves, and carries a shoulder bag. Sho's clothing has an overall worn and dingy appearance from his reduced circumstances. When he was younger his hair was combed to the right with a strand falling between his eyes. He wore a patterned scarf over a button up coat.


When he was a young boy, Sho greatly admired his father Rakan, believing him to be strongest karateka in the world and unhittable by any bullet. However after Rakan abandoned him and his mother, he eventually accepted the fact that the father he had once known was effectively dead. Following Rakan's death Sho appeared to grieve for his father.


BAALO16 148 Flashback

Sho watching one of Rakan's demonstrations in a flashback in Phase 98.

Several decades earlier on Ceres, Rakan conducted live demonstrations of Armour-Piercing Karate. These involved someone firing a revolver at him at point-blank range from behind a pane of glass and him catching the bullets between his fingers. Sho was taken to a demonstration when he was a young boy and was filled with pride at what his father could do. However Rakan's abilities were doubted by two of Sho's friends, who demanded that he prove that they were real by having him shoot Rakan himself with a revolver.

BAALO17 35 Sho and his mom

Sho breaking the news to his mother of Rakan's death in Phase 100.

Sho sought his father out and finding him in his dojo, told him that he had a present for him before leveling the revolver at him and firing. The shot hit Rakan in the left side of the head and brought his mother screaming. Rakan survived but his frontal lobe was damaged, violently altering his personality. After being discharged, he ripped the skin from his cyborg body to "free" himself and embarked on a naked rampage through the city, smashing holes in walls with his penis. Rakan afterwards gathered his family in the ruined dojo and told them that he was leaving to train, gleefully disclosing that this involved killing people and having sex with women before running out on them.


The Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament was broadcast on Ceres and Sho and his mother, now wheelchair-bound, watched the Finals. When she commented that Rakan seemed to be having so much fun, Sho stated that he was dead and recalled what had led to Rakan being who he was. After Rakan was killed by Zazie and his wife wondered where he had gone, Sho told his mother that he was finally at peace.[1]