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Shumira is the younger sister of the former Motorball champion Jashugan.


Shumira is a young woman with dark skin and light hair. She is often seen wearing a shirt that exposes her mid-riff, a torn light jacket with dark stripes on the lapels and light colored pants with a dark belt. She is also always seen wearing a patterned bandanna on her head.

After she begins working in Bar New Kansas as a server, Shumira would wear a striped shirt with an apron. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts Shumira as having tanned skin with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. [1]


Shumira is often seen smiling and is an extremely excitable person, often referring to herself in the third person. She is known to grow very attached to her family and those that she trusts; Shumira is also somewhat possessive and is known to harbor jealousy toward others she is not fond of.[2]



Shumira dearly loved her older brother Jashugan and would look forward to the time they could spend together away from the sport. While she wished him to retire, Shumira did know how important it was to him and would wish him well during his matches; it is known that on at least one occasion that she would gift her brother with a good luck charm so he could return back safely.

Daisuke Ido[]

Having had her life saved by Daisuke Ido, Shumira would often cling to him as a means of emotional support when her brother was not around; this would continue as Ido became her brother's tuner and she would often wish he could live with them.


Initially, Shumira did not think much of Alita and would often steal Kimji only to be forced to return it. Her contempt would grow after it was revealed that Ido was Alita's adoptive father figure; over the course of a few years, Shumira would see Alita in a more positive light and the two eventually became friends. After Alita is exiled and told not to return, Shumira and Alita left on good terms; when she is forced to relocate, Shumira would praise Alita's efforts and wish she was just as strong or heroic.


Shumira was born in the Scrapyard and at some point early in her life, would lose both of her parents for unknown reasons. She would stick close to her older brother Jashugan and eventually became his biggest supporter in the sport of Motorball. During the accident that nearly cost her brother his life, Shumira witnessed him getting saved via the efforts of Tipharean scientist Desty Nova.


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Motorball Arc[]

Years after her brother became motorball champion, Shumira found herself cornered by a group of muggers and tried to escape to no avail. Her screams for help eventually were heard by a passing man who returned and swiftly defeated the group. Shumira quickly hugged him and professed how grateful she was for him saving her. The man introduced himself as Ido and showed her a picture of a young woman who he was searching for; Shumira admitted that she did not recognize her and suddenly grabbed Ido's arm and led him to the nearby Motorball arena.[3]

Shumira encounters Ido again after the match finishes and invites him to the residence where she and her brother Jashugan live. She also notices the mark on his head and proclaims that he is a doctor who can help her brother. The two rush to another nearby arena where her brother is competing. They get inside and later witness Jashugan unexpectedly collapse on the track. Shumira goes with Ido to the pits and Shumira gets them inside by showing Ido's mark as being the same as Jashugan's first doctor. Shumira begins to panic upon hearing her brother has flat-lined, but thanks to Ido's quick thinking he recovers and is able to return to the match.[4]

Shumira quickly bonds with Ido and goes with him almost everywhere; when they go to town one day with Jashugan, Shumira notices Kimji floating through the air and quickly takes it. Jashugan and Ido tell her to give it back to its owner, which is turned out to be Alita. Shumira takes a dislike to her and looks to Ido for assurance. When Alita challenges her brother to an arm wrestling match, Shumira makes herself the officiator and leaves with both Ido and Jashugan; she shows some concern when Jashugan's arm falls off due to the internal damage sustained from Alita's grip.

Zapan Arc[]

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Last Order[]

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