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Shumira's husband is an unnamed soup kitchen worker who she met following the destruction of Bar New Kansas in ES 580.[1] He eventually became the father of her eight children.


The worker is a chubby man with a cybernetic implant in one eye and a rounded face. He wears a black skullcap, polo neck sweater, and light coloured jacket and pants.


Shumira's future husband was working at a Scrapyard soup kitchen when he met her. Although Koyomi described it as a volunteer group,[2] he presumably makes some form of income to provide for himself.

After Zapan destroyed Bar New Kansas, Shumira, Master, and Koyomi made their way to this soup kitchen, which was located some distance away. On the morning of Alita's fight against Zapan, the people who were sheltering there noticed an explosion created by the fight. This prompted Shumira to bemoan her own helplessness and inability to be of some help, which a nearby worker noticed. He reassured her that there was plenty of work to be done and told her that she could help him serve soup.

When Alita encountered Koyomi ten years later, the latter revealed to her that Shumira had married the man and had eight children with him, showing Alita a photo of the family. Shumira and her family were later shown listening to the final broadcast of Radio K.A.O.S. in their tent.[3] Half of the children appeared to have taken after their father, while the other four are dark skinned and have white hair like Shumira.


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