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BAALO07 110 The Sink
Molonev Menhir in the Sink in Phase 41.
Part of Ceres
Debut Phase 41

The "Sink" is an unsavory and dangerous part of Ceres.


On November 2, ES 577, Molonev Menhir, who had been homeless for two years, was dumpster diving on Shank Shin Bone Street when a loud and mysterious voice spoke to him, proclaiming itself to be the God Absurde. It promised to bestow on him a sacrament and commanded him to accept the sign and become its servant. Menhir fled in terror and was so petrified that he wound up in The Sink. Here he was confronted by a mortally wounded criminal with a gun dressed as a circus clown. Believing that this was the sign he had been sent, Menhir held him and looked into his eyes while the clown died in front of him, receiving a sign.

Menhir realized that "there is no meaning to this life," and that any attempt to find anything deeper would uncover insanity. His life changed completely, and he made it his mission to "spread the curse". Adopting the persona of a demented circus clown named Springfoot Jack, he became a highly skilled hypnotist and underwent cyberization. He also founded The Phenomena, a traveling circus troupe that eventually became the Starship Cult.[1]


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