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BAA03 12 Skaramasakus
Skaramasakus in Battle 18
Japanese name スクラマサクス
Romanized name Sukuramasakusu
English name Skaramasakus
Status Deceased
Number 24
League Second
Nicknames "Skaramasakus the Runner", "Masa"
Fighting style Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun
Debut Battle 17

Skaramasakus was a Second League motorball player who was one of Ajakutty’s three disciples alongside Bargerald and Halberd. His martial art was Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun.


Like Peshkavus, Skaramasakus had a crouching-style motorball body, built low to the ground to minimize wind resistance. He had a wide, broad head and larger legs in proportion to his arms.


There was a high degree of mutual respect and cooperation between Ajakutty and among his disciples. The four attempted to support each other as much as possible during Alita’s Second League debut race, as Halberd and Bargerald both cheered Skaramasakus on after he secured the motorball.


Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race at the Gregory Circuit, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan. During the race, Skaramasakus was the first to secure the motorball and was the leader for part of the race. However when Zafal Takie caught up to him as they neared one of the Hell Bridge areas, she dodged an attack that he aimed at her and countered by grabbing the motorball. Takie initiated a spin that forced Skaramasakus to brake to save himself. The spin maneuvered his arm holding the motorball onto a pillar, breaking off the arm at the wrist and sending Skaramasakus flying off the track. He did not survive the fall as Ajakutty later referred to his dead disciples following the race.[1]


  • His likely namesake is the Scramasax, a Germanic medieval fighting knife.


  1. Battle 21 - Ajakutty confronts Alita about her decision to quit motorball following the challenge race with Jashugan.
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