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BAALO04 62 Sleipnir
Sleipnir in action in Phase 21.
Type Space tank
Creator Jupiter System Union
Users Unnamed group of Combat Chamber participants
Debut Phase 21

Sleipnir (スレイプニル Sureipuniru?) was a secondhand Jovian space tank owned by an unnamed trio of men who fought in the Combat Chamber. It was named after Odin's eight-legged horse.


The tank was equipped with a pair of triple barrel rotary cannons, one on each side, as well as two anti-aircraft turrets. It was protected by dense armour plating.[1] An insignia of a shield bearing the number 808 above and the words "Chicken Eater" below a cooked chicken was painted on the flanks.


Seven weeks before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Sleipnir's owners took it into the Combat Chamber. They came across Toji, Gavit, and Hogan, who were camped out at the last flag. When they opened fire on the trio, Hogan threw up an electromagnetic field and blocked all of the incoming rounds. Gavit then launched a swift counterattack, disabling all of Sleipnir's weapons before crippling its legs and killing the crew by physically compacting the tank with his fists. As they died, the crew bemoaned the fact that they had not yet paid it off.

By the time that Alita and Zazie arrived at the flag, Gavit had molded Sleipnir into a perfect sphere. Before Toji fought Alita, he easily split this sphere in half with a single karate chop.[2]