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Smith & Wesson Model 610
BAA06 10 S&W 610
The Model 610 in Battle 30.
Type Revolver
Purpose Delivery of collapser-tipped bullets to destroy the Berserker Body
Users Alita
Debut Battle 27

The Smith & Wesson Model 610 is a six-shot, double-action revolver chambered for the 10 mm Auto cartridge. Alita used it to defeat Zapan in the Berserker Body.


The gun's specific make and model were not mentioned, but the make can be seen on the frame and the caliber of 10 mm can be seen on the barrel.[1] Yukito Kishiro clarified that it is a Model 610 in the Q&A section of the Japanese version of his website.[2]


Desty Nova somehow obtained the Model 610 despite the prohibition on firearms in the Scrapyard. He gave it to Alita after Zapan gained control of the Berserker Body in ES 580[3] in addition to a vial of collapser to apply to bullets which had to be shot into the Berserker Body to break it down at the cellular level.

BAA05 153 S&W M610

Alita readying the Model 610 in Battle 27.

Alita received the gun disassembled and instinctively reassembled it the morning after Zapan had destroyed Bar New Kansas. This was seen by the messenger who had taken her Desty Nova's manor and back, which surprised her as firearms were illegal. While making her preparations Alita could not understand why handling a firearm felt familiar. She also prepared six rounds with collapser. A crowd of Scarpyard residents then appeared and tried to force her to go to Zapan, as he had been crying out for her. After a brief demonstration of her skill followed by the crowd begging her to sacrifice herself, Alita set off.

During the fight with Zapan Alita was able to shoot him with two rounds,[4] barely surviving the fight by ingesting a vial of collapser as a last resort after Zapan tried to absorb her. After she and the Model 610 were recovered by the Factory, she was charged with the Class A Offense of possessing a firearm by Deckman 10, who used the gun as evidence to solicit a confession at Factory 33. Despite having saved the Scrapyard, Alita was sentenced to be disposed of and destroyed, but was saved just in time by Bigott Eizenburg.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally uses a revolver that does not have an ammunition limit for the final fight against Zapan in the Berserker Body. After the fight she is killed on the spot by a pair of netmen accompanied by a deckman.


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