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Solid Wing
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AR-10 armed with the Solid Wing apparatus.
Type Manned aviation unit
Purpose Long range Scalar Wave offensive battlement, flight propulsion system, weapons addition convoy
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau
Debut Battle 46

Solid Wing was a support munitions that was used by the TUNED, first utilized by AR-10 during the Barjak wars.


Solid Wing was a special jet propulsion system which was loosely based on the Abaddon defense system of Tiphares. this marvel of GIB engineering utilizes the same EM scalar wave principle of the hanging cities protectorate devising, while also fitted to accommodate various other munitions of TUNED design into it's construction for extra offensive measures.

Said device can use the same Hutchinson Effect generated by the Tesla Coils within Tiphares to enable flight and the erection of protective barriers which can deflect small arms fire. Through an act of conscious effort, wearers can also focus these invisible force waves as a powerful destructive force which cannot be physically deflected. These seamless waves can flash melt a target over 20 meters away.