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Space Karate
BAALO12 149 Karatekas
Numerous karatekas gathered to try out for the Space Karate Forces in Phase 73.
Users Various
Related martial arts Panzer Kunst
Debut Phase 21

Space Karate (宇宙空手 Uchū Karate?) is an umbrella term for the styles of space age karate that arose following the Geo Catastrophe. It is the most widespread martial art, with 180 million practitioners throughout the Solar System.[1]


Th exact origins of Space Karate are somewhat vague, but the numerous forms developed in the wake of the Geo Catastrophe in ES 55. Since their development, various styles banded together to form two major factions: the Universe Karate Federation (UKF) and the Solar System Karate Federation (SSKF), which are bitter rivals. There are also numerous invented styles and other styles that resulted from combining karate with other disciplines, such that the end results barely even resemble karate anymore, that are not affiliated with either party. Other styles fall into the classification of unidentified martial artists (UMA).

Shuri-Ti, which is practiced by Zekka, Electromagnetic Karate, which is practiced by Tunpò and Toji, and Super-Carapace Karate, which was practiced by Taraba, are derived from the original Okinawan styles of karate. This makes them among the few styles that can still claim a genuine link to the "original" karate that previously existed on Earth. Zekka and Tunpò were both taught by an unnamed human master who was among the last human practitioners of Space Karate. Practically all karatekas now are cyborgs, which has helped drive and is influenced by, the numerous styles of karate.

Known schools and practitioners[]

Style Practitioners Affiliation
Anti-Tank Karate Vulcan None
Armor-Piercing Karate Rakan None
Astro Karate Ganga None
Chudo Karate Mercury None
Curve Karate Squiggle None, UMA
Electromagnetic Karate Radon, Toji, Tunpò Space Karate Forces
Gadokai Gavit Space Karate Forces
How-Now Karate Buttkiss UKF
Kokushin Karate Amin None
Kotengu Hogan Space Karate Forces
Nuclear Corp. Karate Pluto SSKF
Octo Karate Kraken None, UMA
Omega Society Zakuro None
Quadrilateral Karate Cube UKF
Rider Karate Grasshoppa SSKF
Robo Karate Robbie UKF
Serpent Karate Cobra None, UMA
Seven Gods of Fortune Karate Daikoku UKF
Sho-Chu-Sen Karate Quadra-Punch None
Shuri-Ti Zekka Space Karate Forces
Spinning Karate Roll None
Super-Carapace Karate Taraba Space Karate Forces
Tesla Karate Volt SSKF
Vampire Karate Chupacabra None, UMA