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Space Mbadi
BAALO03 109 Space Mbadi
The title card for Space Mbadi in Phase 16.
Type TV drama series
Creator Vesta Studios
Debut Phase 16

Space Mbadi (宇宙ムバディ Uchū Mubadi?) is an epic action-drama TV series that is one of the numerous dramas based on the exploits of Aga Mbadi and his pursuit of the terrorist Jean Vares.[1] It was adapted by Vesta Studios from the 25 volume series Space Hero Mbadi by novelist Oleg Zaccagni and follows ORDER from its creation to demise. It aired for 156 episodes and a dozen specials between ES 543 and ES 556.[2]


Queen Limeira is a fan of Space Mbadi and asked Mbadi himself about specific details during their audience on Ketheres following a session of LADDER. He revealed that the writers embellished a lot of what actually happened. Although learning some of the truth disappointed Limeira, she was able to get Mbadi to reveal the truth about Lakshmi's death, something he had never revealed to anyone else.[2]


BAALO03 109 Space Mbadi cast

The cast of Space Mbadi in Phase 16.