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Squiggle was a master of Curve Karate who fell into a group of what martial arts scholar Hegeor Hopper termed unidentified martial artists. He may have been named after the kunekune (くねくね?), a Japanese urban legend.


Squiggle had a segmented and very narrow, flexible cyborg body and a rounded head with a pair of white eyes. His limbs appear to have had very sharp edges, which he could use to slice through cyborg bodies.


More than a hundred space karatekas attempted to join the Space Karate Forces as reserve members before the Block-B semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591. During the free for all that Zekka had them undertake as a means of trying out, Squiggle took down an opponent by using his arms to slice him into pieces. He did not survive the carnage and was later shown among the numerous karatekas who had fallen, having managed to slice in half the head of Finnigan the Pisces, who was in the process of devouring him.[1]


  1. Phase 74 - Some of the dead karatekas are shown when Taraba talks to Toji.