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Starship Cult
Origin Various
Affiliations none
Type Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament team
Leader Whophon
Notable members Springfoot Jack
Debut Phase 35

The Starship Cult (スターシップカルト Sutāshippukaruto?), formerly known as 'The Phenomena', was a group led by Whophon that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). Placed within Block A, they entered the tournament and advanced to the second round of competition before getting eliminated.


As a young adult, Molonev Menhir was living in the slums on Ceres. One day, he heard a disembodied voice that supposedly chose him as a prophet. Fearful, he fled and encountered a man who was stabbed and bleeding out; dressed as a clown, the man died in front of Molonev and the voice spoke again; this time receptive to it, the now insane Molonev took on the name Springfoot Jack and decided to spread the madness and chaos, forming a traveling group that would add others to their number and also kill people at random. Initially known as 'The Phenomena', the members gave off the aura of a regular circus until it was later revealed they used nosis to cause various murders and suicides. Eventually, Springfoot Jack would cede leadership of the group to one of his former torture victims known as Whophon.

For unknown reasons (or just to kill more people indiscriminetly under the protection of LADDER), the newly named Starship Cult entered the Z.O.T.T. and entered a team under the name 'The Charisma Magic Troupe'

Tenth Zenith of Thing Tournament[]

Round 1[]

Having made it through the qualifying match, the Starship Cult were placed within Block A and advanced through the first round; despite this, they lost one member named Bacon during the first round.

Round 2: The Space Angels[]

Darbhanga emerged as the first competitor of the Starship Cult to square off against the sempo of the Space Angels: Elf and Zwölf. He placed everyone in the area under hypnosis and made it appear that he conjured several rope tricks to snag Zwölf and hoisted her up into some clouds that materialized above them; pulling a sword out of his mouth, he climbed it and ascended into the air with Elf following close behind. However, the twin cyborgs had laid a molecular wire trap ahead of time and sliced Darbhanga into pieces; the resulting scream broke the illusion and brought everyone back to their senses.

Elf shoots herself

Elf shoots herself in the head

The next two members arrived, being Springfoot Jack and his assistant Lily. Jack persuaded the two to relax with a game; pleased by their enthusiasm, Jack produced a magnum pistol and suggested a round of Russian Roulette. After both Lily and he go, Jack discreetly swaps out the gun to one fully loaded with hollow point shells. He then hands the gun to Elf, who goes next and blows apart her head. Shocked and horrified, Zwölf grabs Elf's TR-55 unit and tries to flee; Jack springs in front of her and easily stops Zwölf by hypnotizing her in place.

Then, the next member of the Angels, Sechs, arrives and easily sees past Jack's trick of swapping out revolvers. Jack tries several other tricks, but Sechs soon attacks with his Titan Blade; Jack counters with Lily, hypnotized to be as sturdy as any sword. Jack then blinds Sechs with a substance shot out of his mouth and orders Zwölf to contort into a boomerang; he then throws her towards Sechs and uses the diversion to leap into the air, raising Lily above him to strike down Sechs. Unfortunately, Sechs is able to mimic Jack's voice and causes Lily to reconstitute as flan; she then dissolves as Jack collides with her. Jack is killed quickly afterwards by Sechs kicking the Titan Blade through his head. The clown grins before exploding in a shower of confetti and streamers.

The next member arrives, and it is revealed to be Whophon himself, accompanied by numerous female devotees singing in praise of him. Upon learning that his followers must leave the arena, Whophon has them all commit seppuku with the promise they will meet again; however, one follower named Misha is stopped by Sechs and is knocked out soon after. After Whophon tricks Sechs into severing his spine, he then causes numerous members of the audience, including Hegeor Hopper, to spontaneously combust. After some time passes, Whophon's true location is found and is speared through the chest by Sechs throwing a long-range punch; this cancels out his hypnotic attack and Whophon is blown apart by Sechs recoiling his arm. Despite this victory, the system says the match is ongoing due to it detecting one more member of the Cult still alive: Misha. Sechs toys with the idea of killing her, but ultimately spares her life. The timer winds down and the Angels are given the victory, knocking The Starship Cult out of the Z.O.T.T.


Name Role Status
Whophon Head of the Starship Cult. Immensely powerful hypnotist able to generate mass hallucinations and able to cause spontaneous combustion on a wide scale. Deceased
Springfoot Jack Former head of the Starship Cult. Mentally insane and able to use hypnosis to turn enemies into allies; is strong enough to throw individuals about his size with ease and accuracy. Deceased
Lily One of Springfoot Jack's torture victims completely subservient to him. Able to change her body composition on command. Deceased
Darbhanga Flutist with hypnosic abilities. Is skilled with knife throwing. Deceased.
Misha One of the former followers of Whophon. Showed mass devotion and willing to obey any command or order given. Alive


  • The overall theme with the Cult was that of a traveling circus; this was in part due to Springfoot Jack's encounter as a young man, meeting a mortally wounded clown and being rendered insane due to that and the ongoing influence of the god Absurde.


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