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Support System Gabriel
BAA07 169 Gabriel
Gabriel delivers a Solenoid Quench Gun to Alita in Battle 39.
Type Unmanned aerial vehicle
Purpose Communications relay, intelligence and support
Secondary use as a transport
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB)
Users GIB
Desty Nova
Debut Battle 31

Support System Gabriel (支援システムガブリエル Shien Shisutemu Gaburieru?) is a remote-controlled and unmanned ion craft that was deployed by the Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB) in support of Alita during her career as a TUNED agent. It was later used as a transport by Desty Nova.


Gabriel is a large aerial vehicle with a light coloured body and four medium-coloured wings. It is large enough to transport the mobile unit in its cargo bay. Containing various sensor arrays and a high definition laser, it served as a communications link and transport vehicle to deliver weapons, supplies, and equipment from Tiphares to Alita. As a Ground Investigation Bureau vehicle it would not be targeted by the Factory's defense systems designed to prevent flight of any form below Tiphares. In Gunnm: Martian Memory it has a white body and blue wings.


Battle Angel Alita[]

BAA09 153 Gabriel

Gabriel arrives to pick up Nova in Battle 51.

Alita started to be supported by Gabriel at some point before she met Figure Four. While on Factory Train 12, it warned her of Knucklehead's ambush and the charges planted on the tracks. On her first day as an operator, Lou Collins used Gabriel's laser to shoot a sniper who was part of a team of cyborg ninjas that Desty Nova had sent to ambush Alita. Gabriel also delivered the mobile unit to Alita and later the Solenoid Quench Gun when she dueled Den. After the fall of the GIB, Nova hacked into and gained control of Gabriel, using it to travel to Tiphares after killing Alita with a powerful doll bomb and recovering her remains.[1]

Last Order[]

Gabriel does not appear but it is suggested that Nova II used it to return to the surface, locate Elf and Zwölf, Sechs, and Deckman 100, and transport them to Tiphares.

Other appearances[]

Gabriel appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory. It delivers the mobile unit to Gally at Factory Farm 22. After she meets Den, Gabriel delivers the Solenoid Quench Gun to her and charges the gun during the ensuing boss fight. Afterwards it retrieves the gun. Gabriel appears again after Nova kills Gally outside the Granite Inn.


  • It was likely named after the archangel Gabriel given its design as an aerial vehicle and support functions.