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Sword of Long Light
BAA03 48 Sword of Long Light broken
Togo with the Sword of Long Light broken in Battle 13.
Type Katana
Users Togo
Debut Battle 13

The Sword of Long Light (大PANNA長光 Dai PANNA Nagamitsu?) was a katana that was wielded by Togo, the Third League motorball champion. It was matched against Alita’s Damascus Blades in her fourth Third League race in ES 578.[1] Alita met Togo head on, breaking the katana in a flash of sparks and continuing past. As he stared at the remains of the Sword of Long Light in disbelief, Togo's head then fell off.

Other appearances[]

This fight is also depicted in the Gunnm 3D special, 3 minute 3D-CGI rendered movie clip that was included in volume 6 of the Japanese Gunnm: Complete Edition.


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