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Syringe gun
BAALO02 19 Syringe gun
One of Casey Roscoe's men wielding a syringe gun in Phase 7.
Type Gun
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau
Users M.I.B. Machines
David Frank
Three of Casey Roscoe's men
Debut Battle 48

The syringe gun was the main armament of the M.I.B. Machines, one of the two types of killer robot that were created and used by the Medical Inspection Bureau. A few syringe guns were salvaged for use during the Tipharean civil war by the survivors.


Each M.I.B. Machine was equipped with a pair of syringe guns which were housed in arm-like extensions. Its ammunition was syringe missiles fed from a magazine. All of the versions that were used by the Tiphareans had the trigger on the right side. David Frank's had a handle added above the barrel to help aim and support the weight, while the three that were used by Casey Roscoe's men were equipped with slings.

Other appearances[]

M.I.B. Machines appear in Gunnm: Martian Memory as enemy characters after the story moves to Salem. They fire syringe missiles which lock onto a target.

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