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Syringe missile
BAA09 25 Syringe missiles
Bigott Eizenburg is hit with syringe missiles in Battle 48.
English name Syringe
Type Ammunition
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau
Users M.I.B. Machines, Tiphareans
Debut Battle 48

The syringe missile was a type of missile ammunition used by the syringe gun, a specialised gun used by the Medical Inspection Bureau's M.I.B. Machines.


As their name suggests, the missiles were special syringes designed to be used against humans. They were fed from a magazine and had miniature stabilisers equipped. When impacting a human target the missiles automatically injected a lethal fluid.

A variant without the stabilisers was used by the automated sentry robots that guarded the innermost areas of Tiphares.


After Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB) chief Bigott Eizenburg sliced open his own head to find out for himself if the brain bio-chips did exist, he went insane and walked back into the GIB office, revealing their existence to the operators. He was quickly killed by an M.I.B. Machine which then killed all of the operators, as they too had learned of the secret. This effectively shut down the GIB.

When Alita, Desty Nova, and Lou Collins went to stop an initiation ceremony, they stumbled into a restricted area guarded by a sentry robot. The accelerator of Alita's Imaginos Body kicked in, slowing time down to hundredths of a second. She smashed a volley of missiles and destroyed the robot in 10/100 of a second, saving both Nova and Lou.

In Last Order a few syringe guns were salvaged for use during the Tipharean civil war by the survivors.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory the M.I.B. Machines fire white missiles which lock onto a target.

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