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BA03 55 Kimji
Kimji in Battle 14
Type Artificial life form
Purpose Intelligence gathering
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB)
Users GIB, Elf and Zwölf
Debut Battle 13

The TR-55 is an artificial life form originally developed by the Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB) to search for candidates for its TUNED project.


The TR-55's appearance is that of a small, furry creature with a single eye, a pair of feet, string-like tail ending in a puff ball, and a pair of ears that can provide flight by spinning like a propeller. Despite the unit's small size, it was capable of recording audio and video and transmitting this data to the GIB.


To search for suitable candidates to become agents of the Ground Investigation Bureau, Bigott Eizenburg had roughly a thousand TR-55s sent to the surface in ES 576.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Two years later[1], Kimji had become Alita's pet after her fourth straight motorball victory. When she got Kimji was not revealed but she did not have him when Hugo was still alive. Kimji recorded Alita's actions for two years. After she defeated Zapan, she was recruited by GIB chief Bigott Eizenburg to become the first TUNED agent.

Last Order[]

Kimpi and Kimpo are respectively used by Elf and Zwölf to house their brain bio-chips. This has proved to be a good precaution as they sustained severe damage more than once and were killed by Rakan, but both TR-55s survived and their bodies would be rebuilt.


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