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TUNED body armour
Gunnm Complete Ed. Vol. 5 cover - Alita with TUNED rifle
Alita with a light green variation of the armour on the cover of volume 5 of the Gunnm Complete Edition.
Type Personal armour
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau
Debut Battle 31

The TUNED body armour was a type of personal armour developed by the Ground Investigation Bureau (G.I.B.) to provide a degree of protection for the TUNED, yet not inhibit combat. Following the fall of the Ground Investigation Bureau, Sechs developed a customized version of his own armour that is based on the original design.


The armour was composed of a light, but robust metal. It consisted of two halves, worn over a body suit. The upper half protected the user's torso, shoulders, upper arms, sides of the thighs, but left the midsection and back largely exposed.[1] It was connected by a series of straps that could be released via a clasp on the front.[2] The upper half had a holster for the pistol and containers for the various supplemental weapons: the arachno, firefly, laser bug, lice probe, and missile bee. Other standard weapons such as knives and grenades were also carried. Alita had a special back holster for the Damascus Blade. The lower half of the armour consisted of a pair of knee-high armoured boots. AR-10 used a variation of the armour that was modified to accommodate the Solid Wing, which was connected to the torso portion. The upper half had additional ordnance containers equipped, while the boots were more rounded.

The armour has been shown in different colors. In the manga it is a medium colored dark metal and a metallic grey on the cover of Angel of Death. Two illustrations that initially appeared in Business Jump and are reproduced in the Guncyclopedia depict the armour as being white. The cover illustration of volume 5 of the Gunnm: Complete Edition depicts the armour as light green. In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally's armour is a light shade of green while AR-2's is blue.