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TUNED rifle
Gunnm Complete Ed. Vol. 5 cover - Alita with TUNED rifle
Alita with the TUNED rifle from volume 5 of the Gunnm Complete Edition.
English name TUNED rifle
Type Battle rifle
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau
Users Alita
Debut Battle 31

The TUNED rifle was a battle rifle developed by the Ground Investigation Bureau that was used by Alita during her time as a TUNED agent.


The TUNED rifle was a 12.7mm semi-automatic rifle[1] with an apparent bullpup design, since its large magazine was located behind the trigger. It was equipped with a small scope built into the handguard with a large muzzle brake. The front grip could be folded up, allowing it to be placed on a hard surface for stability.[2] This grip was shown bandaged, suggesting some wear and tear. Unlike the TUNED pistol, the rifle did not have a system lock that prevented it from being used by a non-TUNED or against other TUNED agents, as Bozzle used it against Alita.


Battle Angel Alita[]

BAA06 179 Bozzle fires

Bozzle cripples Alita in Battle 34.

When Figure Four met Alita on Factory Train 12, the rifle drew his attention and he pulled it out to have a closer look at it. During Knucklehead's ambush of the train, Alita saved Figure and Yolg from his attack by using Figure's shoulder for support and disabling Knucklehead's motorcycle with a single shot. Alita did not use the rifle when she fought against the Boiling Metal Battalion at their base, relying instead on her pistol, Damascus Blade, and other support weapons. This allowed Bozzle to get ahold of the rifle when Yolg was captured by some of his men. After Figure was apparently killed, Bozzle picked up the rifle and ordered his men surrounding Alita to step back. When she leaped up and tried to attack him out of rage at Figure's death, Bozzle used the rifle to blow off both her legs below the knees. The rifle was abandoned following Knucklehead's ambush of the battalion that same night and Alita was not issued a replacement.[3]


In the side story Alita used the rifle to shoot a mouse and later snipe and kill Deckman 50.

Other appearances[]

Bozzle wields a similar looking rifle in Gunnm: Martian Memory when he defeats Gally at the Boiling Metal's base. After the Barjack bring down a building on top of Fogia and apparently kill him, Gally threatens Yolg and is shot in the legs by Bozzle.


  • The TUNED rifle seems to be a heavily modified Barrett M90 .50 BMG sniper rifle.


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