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Tae Kwon Do
BAA04 38 Crescent Moon Kick
Halberd using the Crescent Moon Kick against Valdicci in Battle 18.
Origin Korea
Users Ajakutty
Related martial arts Asian Arts
Debut Battle 17 (mentioned)

Tae Kwon Do (テコンドー Tekondō?) is a Korean martial art. It is practiced by Ajakutty as part of his Asian Arts and was taught to his disciple Halberd.


Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan. This included Halberd, who had learned Tae Kwon Do. During the Second League race, Halberd took out Valdicci with the Crescent Moon Kick.[1] He and Bargerald then launched an attack on Armblessed, but he easily killed them both.


  • Crescent Moon Kick: The user sweeps their leg in towards the inside of their body to execute what appears to be the inner Crescent Kick.


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