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Tanaka (タナカ Tanaka?) is a reporter for the ScrewHead Times, a Scrapyard newspaper. He only appears in the side story Barjack Rhapsody.


Possessing a unique cyborg design, Tanaka has black, close-cropped hair on a head that has a human upper half and a lower cyborg half, with an exposed mouth and jaw. He has elongated earlobes with stud earrings and narrow eyes. Tanaka's right arm has a human forearm attached to a thin cybernetic arm, while his left hand is cybernetic. He wears a zip up light coloured shirt with the words "Future Shock" on the right breast.


When Koyomi was meeting with the ScrewHead Times chief editor in an attempt to get him to publish her photo of Vector and Kaos' meeting in ES 591, Tanaka burst in with the sudden news that Den had risen again. He relayed the information that caravans near the northern border had been attacked, and that the survivors had reported seeing a giant steel samurai, producing a photo of a massive footprint as proof. This news prompted Koyomi to go see for herself in an attempt to get a scoop.

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