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Tanji (タンジ Tanji?) was a teenager who was one of Hugo's accomplices in his side job of stealing cyborg spinal columns.


Tanji had short, fair hair. He wore a mask which had two eyepieces and a filter for the mouth as well as a hooded robe, long-sleeved shirt which had several pouches in front, gloves, pants, and boots. In the OVA Tanji has dark blond hair and wears a light grey mask, blue robe, and grey outfit with dark brown gloves and boots.

Hugo's other accomplice Van was first misidentified as Danji,[1] but wears a different mask.


Tanji and Van posed as members of Hugo's cyborg body waxing/lubrication team, which was a cover for the trio to lure unsuspecting victims into deserted alleys to steal their spinal columns. Hugo typically performed the work of paralyzing the cyborgs and extracting their spinal columns while Tanji and Van acted as lookouts.

When Zapan posed as a customer and uncovered their operation, Tanji tried to attack him with the axe that the trio used to sever their victims' spinal cords. Zapan blocked the axe and kicked Tanji hard enough to propel him high into the air and hit the ceiling. Drawing his knife, he jumped up to meet Tanji's falling body, decapitating him in midair. When Zapan landed, he then threw his knife to slice a fleeing Van in half. After Hugo managed to escape, Zapan took in Tanji and Van's heads for the bounty to Factory 33, where he broke the news to Daisuke Ido and Alita that Hugo had become a bounty.

Other appearances[]

Tanji appears in the OVA, in which he is the only accomplice assisting Yugo. Zavan kills him by slicing him in half through the midsection while his body is falling.

Tanji appears in the film Alita: Battle Angel, unlike his other versions, he is seen without a mask and portrayed by Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Tanji is the boyfriend of Koyomi, who also took part in the illegal jacking operations. Just like his other portrayals, Tanji is killed when Zapan slices him in half at the waist when he and Hugo are caught in a jacking operation by Zapan.


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