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Tanker (タラバTankua?) is one of Vector's many cyborg henchmen. He was not originally named, but is identified in the Japanese version of Angel of the Innocents as being based on a reader's design. Tanker later became one of Kaos' bodyguards alongside Geppa.


Based on a design submitted by Junichi from Nagasaki, Tankua is a large cyborg with a big head and a dark coloured body. The body has a three part midsection and emphasizes the limbs, with rounded shoulders and thighs, but larger forearms and calves. Tankua has a prominent scar on his left cheek and wears a light coloured cowboy hat with a black band.


Both Tanker and Geppa have similar personalities and are not very intelligent, displaying some childlike qualities such as wanting to play with the paper airplane that Alita threw from Tiphares. Both also respect strength, as they declared that bullying was their thing when preparing to fight the Robo-Asyl robots. However after noticing that they were severely outnumbered and that larger robots had joined in, they tried to back down.


Tanker is very close friends with Geppa and the two are typically paired together. He was very upset when Geppa was killed during Nova X's death checkers game and highly relieved after Geppa was resurrected. As Vector's minion he is very loyal to his boss and was ready to beat Kaos without being directly commanded to do so. However after losing to Kaos and ironically becoming one of his bodyguards, Tanker took his new role seriously and was very loyal to Kaos.


In ES 591, Kaos returned to Vector's compound a year to the day when he had first appeared to ask for his help in constructing the Tower of Tiphares. Tankua and Geppa, another of Vector's goons, were stationed just inside the compound's gate. Totally despondent, Kaos was unable to respond to Vector when asked to speak for himself and fell to his knees. Tankua and Geppa along with a third cyborg then surrounded Kaos and threatened him. However at that moment a paper airplane that Alita had thrown from Tiphares landed on Kaos' hand and he instantly learned all that had happened in the floating city using his psychometry. The three cyborgs were momentarily confused, but then Tankua and Geppa tried to get the paper airplane to throw it themselves. In a sudden burst of fury, Kaos swiftly cut all three cyborgs' neural circuits and power lines with his katana to render them immobile, causing all three to helplessly fall on top of each other.

Much later, he and Geppa became Kaos' bodyguards and accompanied Kaos and his party to Tiphares.



  • Tanker was created by "Junichi." Its design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order.


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