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Team Spandau
Ashen Victor 14 Snev & Dolagunov
Snev and Dolagunov in Race 1.
Origin Scrapyard
Type Motorball team
Leader Team Spandau owner
Notable members Ben
Debut Race 1

Team Spandau, known in Japan as Spandau (スパンダウ Supandau?), was a motorball team that was represented in the Third League by Dolagunov and Snev in ES 571. The team is featured in Ashen Victor.


The team was around for at least six months before Snev was first released and was owned by a single unnamed owner. It fielded two players, Snev and Dolagunov, both of whom could not be more different in terms of performance. While Snev crashed every single race that he competed in, Dolagunov won again and again, attributing his success to the drug Accel. After the owner learned that Snev's monitor seat viewers actually preferred to experience a crash instead of a victory, he had Snev brought back explicitly for the purpose of crashing in his races.

However there turned out to be a much darker reason behind Snev's crashes. At about the same time he debuted six months before, the owner and the team's cyberphysician, Koba, decided to collude with the Megil Corporation to test two top secret drugs, Accel and Adam. As its name implied, Accel accelerated a player's nervous system while Adam did the opposite and downshifted it. These were secretly tested on Dolagunov and Snev, respectively, thus their completely opposite performances. The plan was to prove Accel's success and corner the market. Once this had been achieved, some players would be secretly dosed with Adam and Megil could thus make a killing on betting by programming each race.

The plan began to unravel when Ben, the team manager, forgot a briefcase containing a sample of Adam at Beretta's apartment after seeing her. She realised after talking to Snev that its contents could be what was behind his crashes and hid it away, giving a cryptic message to her friend Lorna. Following Beretta's murder, Snev was targeted by the same assassin who had killed Beretta but escaped. After he met Lorna, they were able to determine what Beretta's message might have meant after sharing the news with the team engineer, Holmegolud, who himself had overhead Koba talking to Ben about the missing briefcase and learned about both drugs. The trio recovered the briefcase following a showdown with the assassin during which Snev killed him, allowing Holmegolud to turn over the Adam sample to the Motorball Commission. When they learned what had happened, the team owner and Koba went into hiding, effectively dissolving Team Spandau on the eve of what turned out to be Snev's final race. Despite this turn of events, Dolagunov decided to go ahead and race anyway, although he and Snev each competed for themselves in this race.


Name Role
Ben Team manager
Dolagunov Player. Went on to set a record of 206 victories in 288 races before being forced to retire due to abuse of Accel.
Holmegolud Team engineer
Koba Team cyberphysician
Snev Player. Had a race record of 1-19 due to being secretly dosed with Adam.
Team Spandau owner Team owner


The team's name may be a reference to either the MG 08 or MG 42 machine gun, both of which were nicknamed "Spandau".