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Team Spandau was owned by a single, unnamed owner.


The owner was a middle aged, balding man with dark hair and a mustache. He wore a light jacket with a high collar and was a cigar smoker.


Through his connections with the Megil Corporation, Koba, the team's doctor, learned that they had two top secret drugs, Accel, and Adam, that they wanted to test. Six months before the start of the story, he approached Ben, the manager of Team Spandau, with a plan to make some chips. The owner also bought in, and the three conspired to secretly test both drugs on their players, Dolagunov and Snev. This was done without the knowledge of either. Using Accel, Dolagunov won race after race whereas by contrast, Snev, who was being dosed with Adam, could not even finish a single race, crashing each time.

Snev was let go after failing to finish yet another race. However the owner then discovered from a survey of Snev's monitor viewers that they preferred to experience a crash rather than a victory and that Snev had developed quite a following among the "crashers". He quickly had Snev brought back explicitly to crash in his races. On his first race back the owner was in the pit to make sure that this happened. Afterwards he enlisted the help of Megil to track down the briefcase containing the sample of Adam that Ben had forgotten when he was with Beretta. Snev however was able to kill the assassin sent to retrieve the briefcase and Holmegolud submitted the sample to the Motorball Commission. The owner along with Koba and his assistants subsequently went into hiding, effectively dissolving Team Spandau.

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