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BAA03 62 Terminal Frost

Ed treating an attack of Terminal Frost in Battle 13.

Terminal Frost is a medical condition shown to affect ex-motorballers such as Esdoc who abused performance-enhancing drugs during their careers, specifically drugs that accelerate the nervous system. Its symptoms are sudden seizures by his cybernetic right arm at unpredictable times, necessitating medication via injection into a port in the arm. It is not clear if there are other effects of the condition or if this was caused by the abuse of Accel.


During his motorball career Ed reached the pinnacle of the sport, the Top League, where his blade techniques were as good as his rival Jashugan's Maschine Klatsch. Both were severely injured in an accident during Jashugan's rookie season, after which their careers diverged. Jashugan received reconstructive brain surgery from Desty Nova, who used the Tipharean technology Gehirn Umbao, enabling him to go on to become the champion. Ed on the other hand, had to resort to acceleration drug injections to stay competitive. His abuse of the drug resulted in the development of Terminal Frost which forced him to retire from motorball.[1]