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Terraforming Wars
Location Solar System
Outcome Operation Maulwurf
Camranh Tragedy
Destruction of Grünthal
Formation of LADDER
Affiliations involved Earth Orbitary Federation
République Vénus
Jupiter System Union

The Terraforming Wars was a series of wars over the resources required for terraforming between the Earth Orbitary Federation allied with the République Vénus against the Jupiter System Union. It was one of the pivotal events that shaped the world within the series is set but was only hinted at in Battle Angel Alita. The Terraforming Wars are given more context in Last Order, in which it is also revealed that Alita played a key role in two events that helped bring the wars to an end: Operation Maulwurf and the Camranh Tragedy. These also resulted in the fall of Grünthal and formation of LADDER.