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Birth of Deckman 10

The Birth of Deckman No. 10 is the first omake manga strip to appear in Battle Angel Alita and is found in the first volume, Rusty Angel. It was not included in Viz's first printing of Rusty Angel, but appears in the second printing.


In response to a recruiting commercial for deckmen, a large, unnamed Scrapyard resident decides to become a deckman and fulfill a childhood dream. At one of the Factories he is processed by Deckman 15, retaining only his facial flesh and brain's language center. Reborn as Deckman 10, he is then asked why he became a deckman.

The strip parodies the famous Uncle Sam military recruiting poster and Alita's registration to become a hunter-warrior at Factory 33, where she was registered by Deckman 10.[1]


  1. Battle 2 - Alita registers to become a hunter-warrior.
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