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The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil
Gunnm AS 138 Heart of Man
Type Book
Creator Erich Fromm
Users Sonic Finger
Debut Supersonic Fingers

The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil, also known by its short title, The Heart of Man, is a book by the German-American Jewish social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm, published in 1964. A copy was owned by the Sonic Finger and plays a key role in the side story Supersonic Fingers.


The Sonic Finger maintained a small library which he took with him after he relocated to the Eastern District of the Scrapyard to pursue Gally. Right after she had recovered from his attack, the Sonic Finger was able to meet her while working at his day job with a Factory body disposal unit. He claimed to be a big fan of hers and invited her to his place for tea. Gally noticed the book while perusing his bookshelf, as she had been looking for it, and borrowed it in response to his query as to how it was to fight someone.

She was reading the book in Bar New Kansas while five of her hunter-warrior friends were briefed by Walrom and the Nose about the Sonic Finger, her likely attacker. Figuring out that he and the man she had earlier met were the same, Gally included a note with The Heart of Man when she returned it. The Sonic Finger was surprised at the note, which identified a time and place for their fight, but could barely conceal his excitement.