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Imperium Colonists


Prior to the culmination of the Apocalyptic War known as The Fall, the Imperium was the governing body of Earth and its affiliated colonies. Sometime following the beginning of colonization of other planets in the solar system and beyond, Mars and other planets declared Independence from The Imperium and formed their own independent governing body known as the United Republic of Mars or URM. After the devastating effects of the Fall, and Earth being cut off from contact with the other planets and interstellar colonies, the Imperium collapsed and was dissolved. With so few reliable historical records remaining following The Fall, little is known concerning the Imperium, except for their use and development of nanotechnology: microscopic, programmable, molecular machines that functioned as living entities in metabolizing and processing chemical substances into other forms. This nanite technology was used in the form of terraforming planets, in which the released nanites would metabolize the gases in a planet's atmosphere into breathable gases for colonists, or in their awful weapon, the attack of which consumed the Martian atmosphere and left the planet mostly uninhabitable as a result. The only known survivor since the destruction of the Imperium during the Fall is the apparently immortal Desty Nova, who remains mostly a mystery to this day.

Notable Members[]

Desty Nova (Movie)