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The Society
BAALO 08 cover
The last remaining members of The Society as depicted on the cover of Angel's Vision. From left to right: Victor Byron, Morse (back turned), Vilma Fachiri, Jacco, Zapolska (crouching).
Japanese name ラ・ソシエテ
Romanized name Ra soshiete
English name The Society
Origin Europe
Type Secret society of Type-V mutants
Notable members Victor Byron
Vilma Fachiri
Debut Phase 45

The Society, also called La Société in French,[1] was a secret Type-V mutant organization based in Europe.


Formed in the 17th century by Type-V mutant elders in response to Christian persecution throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, The Society served to organize Type-V mutants worldwide. It taught them how to integrate themselves into human society and not draw attention to themselves with excessive violence. Members of the Society referred to themselves as "the Cognate", as the term "vampire" was considered derisive. The Society became influential enough to wield political influence, primarily in Europe.[2] It also attempted to gain power in Asia, gaining a toehold in Hong Kong in ES 32 when its leader, Victor Byron, was able to defeat the previously recalcitrant Vilma Fachiri, who had successfully resisted or defeated previous attempts. However when the Geo Catastrophe struck in ES 55, human civilization and The Society were wiped out.

Victor and Vilma survived, along with three other Type-V mutants. The group wandered from place to place, preying on the humans they found and wiping them out before moving on. They essentially pursued a genocidal mission in accordance with Victor's personal beliefs and centuries-long hatred of humans. Subsequent events over the next 70 years resulted in Vilma being the sole surviving member of the Cognate left. By ES 173, 47 years after her apparent death, the truth about Type-V mutants had been lost to legend and they had again become the vampires of folkore.[3]


The final five members of The Society were:

Name Origin Fate
Victor Byron Medieval England Killed by Vilma Fachiri in ES 126.
Vilma Fachiri Transylvania, Habsburg Monarchy Last surviving Type-V mutant.
Jacco Possibly the Western United States Killed by Vilma Fachiri in ES 126.
Morse Unknown Killed by Arthur Farrell in ES 126.
Zapolska Unknown Poisoned in ES 69.


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