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Thompson (トンプソン Tonpuson?) is a Scrapyard businessman who briefly sponsored Alita during her motorball career.


Thompson is a smooth-faced cyborg with a thin mustache and beard who always wears sunglasses. His outfit consists of a shawl worn over a robe, underneath which he wears baggy clothing. He has a glass brain case that is covered by a hat he wears that has nuts and bolts hanging from it.


The Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company focuses on recycling waste, earning Thompson a fortune.[1]


Trench Bloom became Alita’s corporate sponsor after she qualified for the Second league. Thompson set up a practice match between Alita and Ajakutty to determine whether or not the latter would continue to keep the number 99, as two players cannot wear the same number in the same league and Alita refused to wear any other number. Thompson had his doubts over Alita’s chances of winning after Ajakutty beat her in the first of a best out of three races, which aroused in Ed a fierce faith in Alita's chances of winning. Thompson later watched Alita's challenge race against Jashugan.

Two years after Alita quit motorball, Thompson partnered with Umba, Alita's former motorball mechanic, to start a successful engineering company.[2]


He is named after John T. Thompson, the inventor of the Thompson submachine gun:

  • His sunglasses read M1928A1, a variant of the gun that was used early in World War II
  • He asks to be called Tommy and his company is the Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company. Two of the nicknames for the Thompson were the "Tommy Gun" and the "Trench Broom". "Trench Bloom" in this case appears to be a mistranslation, although the name is retained in the VIZ Media Edition.


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