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Tienya (チイーエンャー Tienya?) is the leader of a small group of homeless men on Ceres. Molonev Menhir was a member of his group for two years.


Tienya lives in a bag constructed of scrap material with a built-in curtain and a tube connected to it, with the whole apparatus suspended from a rope. The only part of him seen is a fully bandaged arm and a single eye from within the bag.


Despite his mysterious situation, in order for someone to live in the group's encampment they had to follow Tienya's rules and offer him 60% of what they found from scavenging or face dire consequences.[1]

In September ES 575, Molonev Menhir joined the group after he was evicted from his apartment, having lost the motivation to find work after the death of his friend Daizaburo Sato two weeks before. He continued this existence for two years before Absurde spoke to him in November ES 577 and changed his life.