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Tiger Sauer (テイーガー・ザウエル Teiga Zaueru?) was the founder of Panzer Kunst, the first martial art to anticipate cyborg combat. He instructed his disciples in fighting in zero gravity and against armed opponents.


As a baby Sauer had fair skin and hair. He was depicted with his features in shadow as an adult, but was shown to be a fit-looking man with fair hair and a rugged appearance. In Gunnm: Martian Memory he is depicted standing before a wind in a similar manner as he is in Last Order, but with more detail. Sauer is shown to have been fair skinned man with long, fair hair clad in a long cloak and wearing wrist wraps.


BAALO099 189 Sauer

A baby Sauer in Phase 55.

Shortly after Sauer was born in Star City in ES 191, the city was plunged into chaos after a crackdown on protests over the numerous deaths caused by secret human experiments undertaken by Arthur Farrell's government "to create a drug-induced artificial hibernation for use in interplanetary flight".[1] Sauer's father was caught in a battle with several policemen, but killed them all and kept his son safe. Before succumbing to his wounds he was able to give Sauer to Vilma Fachiri. She then handed him over to Susheela.

Sauer at some point emigrated to Mars during the early colonial period and it is likely that he underwent cyberization at some point given Panzer Kunst's emphasis on cyborg combat. He founded a training colony named Grünthal in the Noctis Labyrinthus where his five best pupils taught.[2]


Centuries later martial arts scholar Hegeor Hopper gave some background on Panzer Kunst during Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament when he realized that Alita's swift defeat of Qu Tsang indicated that she might be a surviving Künstler.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally finds a book in the Mars Kingdom library that is a history of the Armoured Art (機甲術 Kikō-jutsu?). It mentions Sauer as being the founder of what would eventually become Panzer Kunst, which was refined by one of his students, the renowned Mozer Schneider. It is suggested that they eventually had a falling out, with Sauer eventually disappearing from recorded history. Gally and Hopper later journey to Phobos, where they investigate Sauer's tomb.


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