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Tiger Sauer's only known family was his unnamed father, who was also a formidable martial artist.


The father was a large, muscular man with short, close-cropped hair. He wore a tank top and long shorts and carried his son in a sling.


It is implied that Sauer's martial arts prowess can be partly attributed to genetics. Armed with only a , his father fought and killed several Star City policemen, despite being shot in the back numerous times, suggesting that he was a skilled practitioner of bōjutsu.


Shortly after Sauer was born in Star City in ES 191, the city was plunged into chaos after a crackdown on protests over the numerous deaths caused by secret human experiments undertaken by Arthur Farrell's government "to create a drug-induced artificial hibernation for use in interplanetary flight".[1] While bearing his son, Sauer's father was caught in a battle with at least eight riot policemen armed with M3s and batons, but killed them all and kept his son safe. Before succumbing to his wounds he was able to give Sauer to Vilma Fachiri.


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