Battle Angel Alita Wiki

Guidelines for adding dates and events[]

Please observe the following guidelines for adding dates and events to the timeline:

  1. All dates and events need to be cited as much as possible. Last Order is a good source for many dates, but the definitive source is the comprehensive timeline found in Gunnm: Another Stories/Gunnm: Gaiden. E.g., a few online sources give their own calculations as to when Battle Angel Alita starts, which is usually ES 576. However, the timeline states that ES 577 is when Alita was found and Koyomi was born.
  2. Only the Era Sputnik (ES) dating convention is to be used to for the sake of uniformity. Do not use the previous Anno Koyomi convention which it superseded.
  3. There is an AD-ES converter on Yukitopia that helps with date conversions between ES and Gregorian calendar years: