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Lou Collins' pistol
BAA08 78 Lou's pistol
Lou pulls her pistol on AR-2's operator in Battle 44.
Type Pistol
Purpose Self-defense
Users Lou Collins
Marge Mahan
Debut Battle 36

The Tipharean pistol is the only example of a firearm used by a Tipharean besides the syringe guns that were salvaged from the M.I.B. Machines during the Tipharean civil war. One was owned by Lou Collins during her time as a Ground Investigation Bureau operator and Marge Mahan later used one.


The pistol had a very short barrel with a sizable gauge, making it suitable only at point-blank range. There is a digital LCD behind the barrel that displayed the numbers "1 10" when Lou Collins used it to threaten AR-2's operator, suggesting that it had a 10 round magazine.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Lou first drew the pistol against Bigott Eizenburg when he led her to the G.I.B. via a back stairway, mistakenly thinking that he planned to molest her. The situation was defused by the appearance of Dr. Russell and Lou learned that she had made a terrible first impression with her new boss on her first day on the job. During AR-2's fight against Alita, Lou's pleas to stop AR-2 were ignored and she used the pistol to threaten AR-2's operator when Eizenburg revealed that he would let Alita die. AR-2 nearly succeeded in decapitating Alita with the Damascus Blade before Lou shot and destroyed the control terminal, freezing AR-2. This gave Alita the breathing space she needed to seize the Damascus Blade with her mouth and slice off AR-2's head. Lou afterwards dropped the pistol in shock at what had she had done before she was taken away by the Medical Inspection Bureau.

Last Order[]

Marge Mahan did not use the pistol during the Tipharean civil war and it is unclear if she had it at the time or acquired it later. She used it when she and the others who had journeyed to Ketheres were confronted by the robots led by Deckman 100. Despite the group's best efforts, they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers in the ensuing brawl with only Figure Four and Koyomi escaping.

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