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The Tiphares Arc is the first story arc of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


After a period of time, Desty Nova and his new assistant Jim Roscoe begin the process of rebuilding Alita after she was destroyed with a doll bomb. After it is completed, Nova hijacks the Tipharean broadcast network and reveals to to everyone in Tiphares the existence of the brain bio-chips. This causes a civil war to break out with many losing their lives in the fighting; one of the casualties is Nova himself after he was confronted and killed by Jim to see if it was true. Roughly several days later, Alita reawakens inside Nova's lab and learns how to use her new Imaginos Body courtesy of a recording left by Nova.

Upon coming across his corpse, Alita encounters several youths fleeing from an MIB drone; she saves them and is led to the camp of the youths, where Jim Roscoe is in charge against fighting the adults. After she parts ways, Jim assembles a group to reach the Medical Inspection area to hijack the system from the adults and unleash a being he has been working on for some time that will save the children. Unfortunately, his group is annihilated by the adults who arrive there, led by his former parent Casey Roscoe. Jim manages to escape and learns the truth about how he came to being; this drives him mad and reprograms his creation, Sachumodo, to kill all the inhabitants of the city. He is quickly killed by one of Casey's men, and the adults are killed shortly afterwards leaving none alive.

Meanwhile, Alita and two girls named Nola and Pam come across a seemingly alive and well Desty Nova along with two copies of Alita from the surface named Elf and Zwolf; a third one named Sechs tries to ambush her and Alita soon ends up fighting all three, manages to defeat them. She learns that the Nova in front of her is a cloned duplicate and the four are on their way to the Medical Core. Alita is invited to join them but declines and stays with Nola and Pam. The three soon arrive at the adult camp on the other side of the city; Nola, believing Pam has turned against the children by taking them to the adults, abandons them and flees. She finds herself nearby a resting Sachumodo and is horrified to hear it address her by name.

About the same time, Nova, Elf, Zwölf and Sechs arrive at the core and discover the being refer to Nova in a manner similar to Jim Roscoe; the being confirms Jim implanted residual memories of himself into the being and laments its existence. As it begins to destroy parts of the Core, Alita arrives to engage it in battle but is overwhelmed by its attacks. Nova, knowing that Jim used the work on Alita's Imaginos Body as a base, instructs Alita to generate plasma in order to defeat it. After a back and forth struggle, Alita does destroy the being and several incarnations that spawn from the prior's body.

Upon helping to dedicate a memorial to Jim and talks between the adults and children begin, Alita is informed that the body of her friend Lou Collins was discovered by Nova; however, her brain bio chip is missing. When offered to join them to the city of Ketheres to find it, Alita accepts and leaves the city of Tiphares.

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