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BAALO10 151 Tiphares Redevelopment Bill

Super Nova describes the Tiphares Redevelopment Bill in Phase 61.

The Tiphares Redevelopment Bill was a proposed legislation that Aga Mbadi was planning to introduce at the LADDER session to follow the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). In order to make the official LADDER stance that there were no survivors in Tiphares and the Scrapyard, it would either purge them or use their brains inside the Brain Incubator.[1] However following Mbadi's death the bill was effectively stillborn.


The bill was first mentioned by Super Nova after Alita and Porta Nova accessed the Brain Incubator and gained the support of Nova X against him. He revealed that the NEW ORDER fleet that was providing security for the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament was standing by to deliver surface suppression squads to the surface and Tiphares to carry out the bill once it was enacted. These units would have no problems carrying out their mission as they greatly outclassed the military forces of either city. Although Alita was momentarily paralysed as to what to do, both Nova X and Porta Nova reassured her that all she needed to do was win the ZOTT to solve this dilemma. She vowed to win the tournament, and despite being defeated by Super Nova, did not forget this when she was resurrected during the Block-A Semifinals by defeating Tunguska.

Although Mbadi then attempted to cancel the ZOTT on the grounds of interplanetary public safety, he was defeated by Alita's immunity to his hacking. Zekka's support of Alita and Mbadi's being put on the spot live on air by Jack Gerambo forced him to publicly declare that the ZOTT had resumed. He added that the winner would receive sovereignty over both Tiphares and the Scrapyard, accepting Pissarro Créer de Vivre's proposal to make both the Scrapyard and Tiphares tournament prizes, which was agreed to by both Alita and Toji.

Following the Space Angels' victory, Mbadi's attempt to sabotage the outcome was revealed when Unanimous was shut off by the Fawkes virus. His subsequent murder of Yajnik live on camera cost him all public support and he was forced to flee after Tunpò removed the three brain bio-chips from his brain. However he was ambushed and killed by Caerula Sanguis.


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