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BAA03 47 Armor Togo
Togo in Battle 13.
Number 62
League Third
Ranking 1
Nicknames "Armour Togo"
Fighting style Jigen School
Weapons Sword of Long Light
Debut Battle 13

Togo, known in Japan as Armour Togo (アーマートーゴー Āmātōgō?), is a motorball player who was the Third League champion during Alita's brief motorball career.


As a swordsman of the Jigen School Togo wears samurai-like armour although his mask is similar to that worn by kendōka. His eyes appear like white lights as the rest of his face is hidden. In the Gunnm 3D special, Togo has black armour with his number in yellow.


Togo was matched up against Alita in her fifth Third League race in ES 578.[1] During this race Alita was the ballcarrier and was confronted by Togo at the final corner. He assumed the Dragonfly Stance and matched his Sword of Long Light against her Damascus Blades. However Alita cut through the katana and raced past. As Togo stared at the remains of the Sword of Long Light in disbelief, his head then fell off as Alita took the race. It is possible that he survived, as other players who were decapitated during other races were shown to have survived.

Other appearances[]

Togo vs

Togo and Gally face off.

Togo appears in a 3 minute 3D-CGI rendered movie clip that was included in Gunnm: Complete Edition Vol. 6, in which he is known as Armor Togo. It showcases Alita in a Third League motorball race that depicts events and players from three of her races.


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